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                Hello, and Welcome to Cottontail Cottage ®. We are a small Rabbitry located in beautiful Southern California. We are members of A.R.B.A., N.M.R.R.C.,and S.C.M.R.C.,

          We started the Rabbit Habit when my son Joey was 16 and became involved with FFA in 2000. He, like others, started with one (1) nice beginning Black Mini Rex, went on to Castor then White to Chocolate to Tort, well…. You get the idea. Right? At one time he had approximately 50+ Mini Rex. Then comes the Fair! Meat Rabbits - Guess what happened then? We then had the appealing and definite lustrous Satins. But which variety do we choose? He started with a beautiful Broken Chinchilla Buck named “LINK” (I’m sure because of the circles around his eyes) we called him Hercules (he is now living a very spoiled life in Mammoth Lakes). His mate, a nice Copper doe (XENA) who threw very nice “Grand Champion Chins and on to Blacks. You know the chip ad - “You Can Never Eat Just One! With rabbits, you can never own just one!

Now comes Mom, me!

          As with any typical mother, you tend to help out with things. Our day starts with feeding, watering, petting, holding, loving, cleaning, making sure in the summer misters are ready, shade screen is up, fans are in place and water bottles are frozen. (of course, we also have show carriers on stand by for the really hot days, to bring them in the house. What a sight that makes) In the Winter, making sure the wind isn’t blowing on them, so on and so forth. I’m sure you’re getting the picture.

          Breeding - (Here’s mom, who has been around Joey’s other projects of swine, lambs and chickens) never in my life have I witnessed rabbits breeding. Here we are at the high school rabbitry, there are approximately six kids present and now the Rabbitry Breeding season has started. I looked at my son and said (without thinking there are other people around) Look at ‘em go! The kids are laughing at me; I’m embarrassed to tears and also laughing so hard I’m crying. Well, 31 days arrived! Guess who is hooked now? All the work is worth it. Seeing that first nest box full of little kits is WORTH IT !!! Well, guess who does the breeding now? You guessed it. Mom!

          In June 2001, my son joined 4-H. The help he has received was unsurpassed. Well, guess who is now a 4-H Leader? You guessed it! Mom. I am now a very proud Rabbit Project Leader for the Perris Panthers 4-H Club. The kids are great. We have fun learning. Earlier, I told you about my first experience with rabbits breeding, well, I now know I am not the only person around. The kids and their parents had the same look on their faces as I had witnessing their first rabbit breeding and their enthusiasm on their first litter of kits was the same. I do believe things come full circle. I guess I should add that at the present we have finally chosen our favorites varieties: Chocolates and Whites. We are presently reducing our herd to these varieties and have some beautiful broken does for sale. I will post them to the pix part as soon as I figure out how to get them on this site.

          To all of our Friends, Breeders, Judges and the A.R.B.A., we thank you for all of your help and now it is time for us to share the knowledge we have received from you to others to help them with the “Rabbit Habit”.

Hope you enjoy our site.
Patty and Joey Quick
Cottontail Cottage ®



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